You devise it, Kaleido makes it real!

Kaleido is the only kiosk-software and the first authoring system for building touch / multitouch applications easily, with zero lines of code for a perfect interactive experience.


Kaleido is a software which allows you to build multitouch applications for kiosks or interactive points in very few hours and with zero lines of code. So you can save a huge amount of money in development process and be competitive in terms of time delivery.

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The product is aimed at professionals (such as communication agencies, architects, software houses…) who want to create interfaces for multitouch panels, quickly and without coding. Kaleido allows to produce elegant presentations through gestures already known by mobile technologies users (such as tablets and smartphones).

Kaleido is a tool that exceeds the limits that similar software (based on "Web" technologies such as Chrome Boxes) have, because it is specifically designed to handle high resolution images, video and fluid transitions, knowing how to manage RAM in an optimized way thus avoiding the annoying latency effect typical of applications managed through the Web Browser.

Purchase in a shop without using a human operator

Do you know the interactive panels used by McDonald - at all of its stores - which allow customers to select a specific sandwich, customize it and send the order, in complete autonomy and with extreme simplicity, through an intuitive graphic interface? With Kaleido you can!

Catalog Presentation

Big or small clothing stores, hardware stores, paint factories, textile companies, furniture shops and, in general, anyone who wants to present an interactive product catalog in an elegant manner, also providing the user some instructions for an independent research, will make Kaleido their best tool!

Offer Presentation

Why not using Kaleido at its maximum? Are you ready to launch a new product? Do you have an innovative idea that you want to illustrate to future investors or an offer to be presented to potential customers? With Kaleido you will be able to manage your presentations in the best possible way, implementing videos and animations without any problem.

Business or study presentations

If you have an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Kaleido offers you the opportunity to conduct classroom or business presentations with a captivating, schematic and intuitive layout, which allows you to be always easily understandable and save a lot of time.

Business presentation (for professionals)

If you are a photographer, a graphic artist or an architect you have to aim at the best in order to give your products the visibility they deserve. Through Kaleido you will be able to create your own showcase that can be viewed on any touch device. Are you a business company or an association? Have you ever considered the benefits that would result from setting up an interactive-table with Kaleido in order to give an instant visibility to your offers?

Presentations in professional areas with high technological support

Kaleido is a useful tool capable of creating value-added in all those situations in which technology gives to the user/customer more confidence and trust (such as engineering studies, hospitals, etc.)

Widescreen installations or presentations

Kaleido is suitable for projecting even on very large walls. Using Kaleido together with Kaleido Invisible Touch, you can create interactions on screens up to 20 meters long! All touch-features can also be placed in the lower part of the screen area so that they can be easily accessed by the speaker or the user.


This is the typical application field of interactive panels and the setting where Kaleido has more installations. Presentation of any museum work, biography of an artist or historical introductions can be made, with Kaleido, thanks to the contribution of images and videos.

Control panels

Kaleido can also be used in domotics: it is in fact designed to send signals with the OSC protocol and therefore not to confine itself to the pure virtual environment. Being therefore suitable as a control interface, it also useful for companies and industries which need to set some parameters like turning on or off their equipment throughout a touch device.

EBB (Electronic bulletin board)

Kaleido gives you the possibility to create both interactive and non-interactive panels. The latter are made thanks to the autonomous animations feature. A classic example is the EBB in the railway stations. The interactive panel, on the other hand, is very useful in universities in order to consult the class schedules or the secretarial bulletin board; it’s also important for the large companies allowing them to report important news events.


You can learn from previous users works or try our demos and learn by examples! Demos are organized by categories, in order to show you various situations and cover all the different ways you may implement an interactive interface.


Kaleido Interactive Kiosk Software is made up with 2 different parts : Kaleido Editor and Kaleido Player.

Kaleido Editor is the authoring system to build multitouch applications, without coding. It is targeted to designers and agencies that need to deliver a project for a customer. Enterprise license includes the event management and OSC/UDP embedded client - server.

Kaleido Editor

Authoring GUI
Infinite zoom level
Free Updates
Screensaver feature

Kaleido Editor Enterprise

Authoring GUI
Infinite zoom level
Free Updates
Screensaver feature
Event support
OSC/UDP support